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 Last Updated Thursday 3rd.November 2019    


Goodness me, we are heading towards the end of 2019...Somehow each year seems to pass by more quickly than the last!

For those who are visiting my Nursery page for the first time and those who are regular visitors, I hope 2019 has been a great year for you...may it continue to be a happy, healthy and safe year for one and all. 

Last year, as in previous years, my girls who whelped, along with their chosen sires, produced some truly beautiful litters. The puppies all nursed well and each mother, totally devoted to her little ones. Vet visits have gone exceptionally well, with each puppy passing their health check with flying colours...What more could one ask for!

To my 4 legged family I say...Congratulations and well done...I am so very, very proud of you all.

 Recent Matings...

1. My lovely little Blenheim girl "Tinx" who was bred by Lyndy Morris of "Coloora Cavaliers", has been mated to "Alec", who is also a Coloora bred dog. I am very excited to see what this lovely pair present me with as "Alec" has already produced some beautiful progeny at "Davmur"...I will be forever greatful to Lyndy for allowing me to share ownership of "Alec"with her & to allow him to live here with me in Murrindindi...I musn't forget little "Tinx" who I purchased from Lyndy.

"Tinx" has been confirmed pregnant and her little ones are due the second week of October...We've

arrived, but our human Mum didn't tell you!

 2. My little Ruby girl "Nutmeg" has been mated with "Spencer", my Black & Tan boy sired by "Dickon" out of "Sheena". "Dickon" is a Black & Tan stud dog I leased for 12 months in 2017 and what a pleasure it was to have him here. He was a  very attractive dog with outstanding health credentials...still heart sound & in good health when he returnded home at 8 years old. "Sheena" is "Macy" & "Bundy's" daughter, so one could not ask for better health credentials than this impending litter holds. 

"Nutmeg" has also been confirmed pregnant and her babies are due towards the end of October...We've

arrived too!

Photos of the Mums and Dads to be and the expected arrival date of their litters are posted below. Links to the progeny pedigrees are also available for those who may be interested. 

Once a litter is born and the puppies are nursing well & settled with Mum in their whelping box, photos of the puppies will be published below.


Puppies are always raised in a very loving and caring environment inside my home. From a very early age, each puppy receives lots of cuddles and individual attention...I believe this to be a very important part of their early development and so beneficial towards building their future confidence and temperament. When little ones are in the Nursery, Mum & her babies are always my top priority.

Once puppies reach around 6 weeks of age and depending on the weather of course, they spend time outdoors during the day, enjoying the fresh air. They just love to run and play together on the grass...I believe this to be also very beneficial to their future health and muscle development. Relieving themselves on the grass, is also a great start to their ongoing toilet training!

All pups, before they leave me, will have been regularly wormed, micro-chipped, given 4 weeks Heart worm protection, vaccinated and thoroughly health checked. They come with the satisfaction of knowing they are bred from healthy parents...All members of my 4 legged family are certified Heart clear by Veterinary Cardiologist Richard Woolley...Eyes are tested by Veterinary Ophthalmologist Robin Stanley at "Animal Eye Care" and each dog holds their ACES Certificate...they are also tested Patella sound...these tests take place annually.

My boys are DNA tested by Animal Health Trust in the UK, for Curly Coat Dry Eye Syndrome and Episodic Falling...Any girl going to an outside stud dog is also DNA tested prior to mating.

When each little one leaves me for his/her forever home, they will take with them a Health Guarantee, copies of all Health Certificates connected to their line, 6 weeks free Pet Plan Insurance, a puppy blanket and toys. Puppy Notes I have written, are also provided, containing information & helpful tips on diet and ongoing care.

I am always available at any time of the day or night, if I can help in any way...to give advice, a reassuring voice on the end of the phone, or just a friendly chat. This offer is ongoing, so don't forget I am here, should you need me. 

Every pup is registered with the Australian National Kennel Council through Dogs Victoria, on the Limited Register.

         My puppies are raised on LifeWise Kibble - Lamb & Fish variety. I highly recommend this Holistic Ultra Premium Kibble. It is made right here in Australia with quality natural ingredients, with added calcium, vitamins & minerals.

Each puppy leaves me for his/her forever home with a 2 1/2kg bag of this kibble, kindly supplied by LifeWise Petfood. 

My adult dogs also love their LifeWise Kibble - Kangaroo with Lamb variety.

**Click here for further details on LifeWise Pet Nutrition.



Litter born

11th. October 2019


1 Blenheim boy


  4   Blenheim girls



Mum "Tinx"


Dad "Alec"


Click on paw for Puppy Pedigree

        Click here for litter photos      


Litter born

26th. October 2019


3 Ruby boys


1 Black 'n Tan boy 

      Mum "Nutmeg"   Dad "Spencer"    

Click on paw for Puppy Pedigree


Click here for litter photos