Lucy & Alphie's puppies                   Last updated Thursday 2nd. January 2020



 LITTER BORN 25.12.2019


 4 Blenheim girls


4 Blenheim boys



"Lucy & Alfie's" litter was born on Wednesday 25th December & what a wonderful Christmas present it was too! There are 8 lovely puppies - 4 girls & 4 boys. All puppies have well broken up markings with great depth of colour.

"Lucy" birthed the first seven puppies in 3 hours which was amazing. When I checked "Lucy" over I couldn't feel any more pups, so I started cleaning up the birthing towels & other bits & pieces. Before remaking the bedding in the whelping box I thought I would recheck "Lucy" to be sure there were no more puppies...low & behold I found another little one on her way down...15 minutes later the fourth little girl was born.

Birth weights for the girls were 162g,176g,194g & 208g and for the boys 169g,190g, 212g & 213g. By one week old, all 8 puppies had gained between 100g to 160g - so pleasing for a litter of this size in a small breed.       

Like all my girls over the years, "Lucy" is being a fabulous Mum, so attentive & very aware of every move her little ones make...I thought I would be up day & night placing pups on nipples, however they have been amazing and 90% of the time when I check them, all have found a nipple & are happily suckling...what clever little souls they are.                                                                                                           

 "Lucy" & "Alfie", thank you for the beautiful puppies you have again made together, your human Mum is so very proud of you. 


A big thank you to Chirnside Park Veterinary Clinic for always being available when needed...On this occasion I didn't require Veterinary assistance, however being a Breeder, it is such a comfort to know your Vet Clinic is always there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

"The Litter"  

"The Girls"  

"The Boys"  

Photos taken at 8 days old