Nutmeg & Spencer's puppies                   Last updated Wednesday 1st May 2019



   LITTER BORN 24.04.2019

   1 Black & Tan Boy

  1 Black & Tan Girl


1 Ruby Girl



"Nutmeg" & "Spencer's" litter was born by Caesarean delivery on Wednesday April 24th. Three beautiful puppies came into this world around 3pm...They looked so lovely with their glossy coats, well rounded tummies and not even a speck of white on them, definitely true solid colour Cavaliers.

Birth weights for the puppies were as follows...Black & Tan boy 190g - Black & Tan girl 210g - Ruby girl 195g. All 3 puppies are suckling well, gaining weight steadily and appear very content.Today the litter is one week old and their weights are...Black & Tan boy 377g - Black & Tan girl 336g - Ruby girl 328g.

I always make mention of what wonderful mothers Cavaliers are, and little "Nutmeg", who is a first time Mum, is certainly no exception. In fact my little "Red Devil"!! doesn't want to leave her precious babies at all...getting her outside to do her toileting is certainly no easy feat.

 "Nutmeg" & "Spencer", your human Mum is so very proud of you both and thanks you for the 3 lovely puppies you have made together.



Once again a big thank you to Chirnside Park Veterinary Clinic for always being available when needed. On this occasion, my special thanks to go to "Sae", for safely delivering "Nutmeg's" 3 babies...your work in surgery is always excellent. It is a truly such a comfort to know your Vet Clinic is always there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


                                                                                                                                                                                              NO PUPPIES AVAILABLE FROM THIS LITTER

"The Litter" 


"The Girls"

"The Boy" 

Photos taken at 6 days old