Tinx & Alec's puppies                     Last updated Friday 25th.October 2019




 LITTER BORN 11.10.2019

1 Blenheim boy


4 Blenheim girls





"Tinx" & "Alec's" litter arrived by Caesarian delivery on Friday 11th. October, which was 2 days earlier than expected.These 5 puppies are just lovely, beautifully marked with an amazing depth of colour...I might be biased, however I believe these are truly lovely puppies. There are 4 beautiful Blenheim females & just the one handsome Blenheim boy.

The birth weights ranged between 273g & 338g. The puppies are all doing well, gaining weight each & every day. 

I always make mention of what wonderful mothers Cavaliers are and "Tinx" is certainly no exception to this. Her babies are now 13 days old and she barely leaves them at all. "Tinx" has a good supply of milk, so I rarely hear a peep from her puppies, they are just so settled & very content - Obviously there is nothing like a well stocked Milk Bar!! 

"Tinx" & "Alec" - Thank you for the 5 beautiful pups you have produced together - Your human Mum is so very proud of you both.


Once again I would like to express my thanks to Chirnside Park Veterinary Clinic - On this occasion in particular to Daphene, for her care & skill during "Tinx" caesarean delivery. As a breeder it is such a comfort to know your Vet Clinic is always there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

"The Litter" (13 Days old)

 "The Girls" (13 Days old)


"The Boy" (13 Days old)